The first of our Guest Educational Speakers in Panama City, Charles Marohn

Charles Marohn Speaks to a packed house at Holy Nativity School on December 12, 2017. Our Mayor, two City Commisioners, and our City Planner were present for the event and the lively question and answer session after the speech.

Tom Murphy, March 28, 2018

Mr. Tom Murphy, the Urban Land Institutes Canizaro/Klingbeil Families Chair for Urban Development, and the former three term Mayor of Pittsburg. Pennsylvania, Spoke to an engaged crowd on March 28 at the Bay County Commission Chambers. Two of our City Commisioners, Billy Rader and Jenna Haligas, were present and actively participated in the question and answer session.

Quint Studer, April 24, 2018

Businessman, Entrepreneur, and Mentor Quint Studer spoke to a large crowd on April 24th!

Quint Studer from Pensacola Spoke to a near capacity crowd at the Bay County Commission Chambers on April 24, 2018.  The audience was diverse, with many professionals present including  architects, teachers, attorneys, and real-estate developers. Two of our City commissioners, Jenna Hailgas and Mike Nichols were present as well as our City Planner Mike Lane. 

Please enjoy Mr. Studer's motivating talk!

Victor Dover. July 11, 2018

Victor Dover of Dover, Kohl and Partners  highlights our list of Educational Speakers in Panama City. He spoke sharing his experience,  knowledge, and concept of "designing in Public" and  his expertise in balancing the visionary ‘civic art’ of planning with the practical consensus building needed to make projects succeed. We also  learned the principles of sustainable town planning, and the techniques for documenting and understanding local traditions in building to enhance Panama City’s sense 

850 magazine interviews PC Growing Strong

Regional Recognition Boosts Panama City Growing Strong's Status

Panama City Growing Strong was featured in 850 The Business Magazine of Northwest Florida.  

In the Fall, 2018 Edition we were able to share some the history and conception of our organization, and where we are focusing our endeavors. 

The regional acknowledgement of our efforts  strengthens our position and reinforces the Vision, Mission, and Goals that founded PC Growing Strong!

Please see the link below and share with all of your contacts.

Mr. Ed McMahon. February 12, 2019

Ed McMahon shared his wisdom with an attentive crowd in Panama City. 

His message on the importance of community identity and uniqueness resonates deeply as we rebuild after Hurricane Michael.