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About Us


We are a nonprofit organization focused on helping make Panama City the best city in the world to Live, Work, and Play. With the help of our membership, we organize  community-building events, and Citizen Advisory Committees to support and enhance future development.


We value and support Intelligent, Well-Informed, Forward-Thinking, Carefully-Implemented actions taken in the revitalization of our city, marina, and surrounding communities 

 We value and support the local government, businesses, investors, and others who promote positive changes to improve quality of life and economic security for the residents, families,  businesses, educational institutions, and visitors.


To Promote Panama City’s unique asset’s in it’s Waterfront communities and the Quality of Life, as a result, afforded to all.


To support Development and Re-Vitalization of Panama City and it’s Waterfront communities as a whole, guided by the History, Heritage, and Values, Driven by the needs of the Stakeholders that are the Residents and their families, Visitors, and Businesses, recognizing the benefits to all.

To enlist Stakeholder support for our Vision and Mission to sustain our unique historic and waterfront assets.

To provide input to the Panama City Commission, in support of revitalization and development efforts through Citizens Advisory Committee’s.

To promote the commissioning  of citizens involved, professionally facilitated, Strategic Master Vision charrettes and processes; and to assure specific and continued implementation of the products, codes, and ordinance  grown from these planning events.


Wonderful St. Andrews Bay


If St. Andrews Bay is not why people moved here, it is certainly high on the list why they now call Panama City home. From the native Americans to the Spanish Explorers,  intrepid fishermen, and sailing enthusiasts St. Andrews Bay is what built Panama City.

History, Heritage, Values


Panama City's history has without doubt been shaped by the bay and surrounding forest lands. Its heritage has grown from the values of hard work, strong faith, and the appreciation for the natural wonders of this area.

Quality of Life


Panama City's quality of life is wholly dependent on public access to the natural resources that have grown this great community.  Waterfront development in Panama City threatens to obstruct access and views that are integral to any quality of life mandate. 

Prioritized Goals


Encourage the City Commission to maintain local control of the Downtown Marina development.

Ensure that the majority of the City owned marinas are dedicated to open public space and unfettered access to St. Andrews Bay and our Gulf of Mexico resources. This Shall include, yet not be limited to, traditional marina services, boat launch facilities, fishing, and scenic vistas. 

Advocate for the establishment of a codified maximum limited building height complimentary to an Architectural Theme for waterfront development, within a defined setback that honors Panama City’s History, Heritage, and Values. 

Provide meaningful information for feasibility assessments, highlighting the value of public access in support of the quality of life mandate. 

Follow up with City “Staff” on tasks assigned them throughout the development process.

Coordinate with business stakeholder groups by communicating directly with them.

Cultivate Community knowledge and understanding of new development models through speaker programs featuring nationally recognized experts in urban and waterfront development.

Establish City Commission sanctioned, professionally facilitated, Community Visioning Charrettes. The end products being a formal Community Identity and codified strategies that encourage and promote a prioritized local organic investment, growth, and development.

Our Strategies


Encourage City and Business Leaders to focus on Smart Community Oriented Growth 

Promote the realization that the waterfront of the southwest end of the Downtown Marina is the most valuable asset owned by the public over 60 years of investment.

Emphasize the understanding through academic, philosophic, and historical examples that Waterfront Vistas greatly enhance, and are key components of quality of life goals for the public. 

Research and utilize existing code language and legal precedence from communities with successful prior experience with code changes of density, height,  and architectural considerations.

Evaluate developers Feasibility assessments.

Recommend City utilization of Qualified Advisors for specified steps in this process. 

Review Commission meetings minutes for “Staff” assignments.

Identify “Staff” 

Augment City Staff with Citizens Advisory Committees.

Recommend that the City hire an AICP CUD (American Institute of Certified Planners Certified Urban Designer).

Enlist Stakeholder support for The Vision, Mission, and Goals.

Pass out flyers to businesses identifying our group.

Speak at available stakeholder meetings sharing our Vision and Mission.




PANAMA CITY GROWING STRONG was formed in response to the myriad of development issues on the forefront in Panama City.


PANAMA CITY GROWING STRONG is a registered Florida Non-profit corporation organized by local citizens with diverse backgrounds and skill sets, but a common love for Panama City. 

We are 501(C)(3) approved for Tax-Exempt Status  

PC GROWING STRONG is our Registered Fictitious Name.


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